Why be registered?

Mission Statement

TPED is an organization of professionals who demonstrate a high degree of classroom expertise, knowledge of federal, state, and local educational requirements; and evaluation and interpretive skills.

Our mission is to provide leadership to support successful outcomes for students.

Why Registry?

  • Only active registered professional educational diagnosticians are entitled to use this credential and their registration number as part of their signature. If fees are in arrears, the individual is inactive and is not registered. Registered professionals can attend the Symposium at no cost.
  • RegPed’s receive The Update, a publication featuring information about the TPED annual Symposium; board news and organizational changes; articles written especially for RegPeds by Jim Walsh; legislative information and news; opportunities for RegPeds and information about upcoming events.
  • TPED works to encourage additional support or compensation to those who are Registered Professional Educational Diagnosticians, as well as recognition for the quality represented by being a RegPed.
  • Registration signifies that you are not satisfied simply to be competent, but that you strive to recognition for having achieved a higher degree of excellence. Registration provides enhanced credibility, visibility, and distinct personal professional fulfillment.
  • Maintaining status as a Registered Professional Educational Diagnostician is a contribution to the profession as well as contributing to the standing of children with disabilities with distinction.


Most Commonly Asked Questions

What is the value of being a registered diagnostician? 
The value of being a Registered Diagnostician lies in its intrinsic worth to the achiever of this distinction. There are thousands of certified diagnosticians in the State of Texas, but only several hundred are registered. Registration signifies that you are not satisfied simply to be competent, but that you strive to be recognized for having achieved a higher degree of excellence.
Why be registered?
Diagnosticians choose to be registered: for recognition of professional distinction; because Registry is a form of licensure; to gain opportunity for professional growth; for enhanced credibility and visibility; for personal professional fulfillment; to be at the leading edge of our profession.
What is the difference between Texas Educational Diagnosticians Association (TEDA) and Texas Professional Educational Diagnosticians (TPED)?
TEDA “promotes professionalism, competence, excellence, and continuing education within the organization to provide students with disabilities quality educational services within the State of Texas.” Membership is open to all Educational Diagnosticians certified by TEA, those who are employed as Educational Diagnosticians and are working toward certification, professionals working in related areas, students working toward certification as Educational Diagnosticians, and retired diagnosticians.”TPED is a board of registration founded upon the assumption that quality control for Educational Diagnosticians lies with the individual and the profession. Registration is viewed as an endorsement from the professional body upon its own who qualify.” Diagnosticians may apply to take the registry examination after completing two years service as an Educational Diagnostician, securing recommendations from two registered diagnosticians, a special education administrator, a regular educator/consumer of your services, and one other professional of your choice.The two organizations have separate bylaws and standing rules, and are governed by separate boards. Membership in each organization is exclusive and dues are paid separately.

Our Board Members

Chairperson  |  Melissa Politz
Vice-Chair/Professional Visibility  |  Cynthia Edwards
Secretary  | Alice Colvin
Treasurer  |  Jacie VandenBoom
Credentials  |  Dr. Jeanine Birdwell
Continuing Education  |  Michelle Hall
Legislative  |  LaShanda  Jones
Administrative Assistant  |  Debra Hawkins


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