Application Packet Request Form

Due to COVID 19 and the unchartered waters we are experiencing as educators, the TPED Board of Registry has decided to extend the application deadline for turning in your application to April 19th. We hope this extra time allows you to accomplish your goal of becoming a Registered Professional Educational Diagnostician!


Continuing Education Opportunities

We are planning new ways to reach out to our members across the state to offer new and better access for continuing ed opportunities. More information will be coming soon on training opportunities and dates.  Emails will be sent to our current members as we receive specific information.

Upcoming Events

  1. Registry Exam Testing Window 2020

    May 28 - June 4
  2. Registry Exam 2020

    May 30 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Our Board Members

Chairperson  |  Leslie Flisowski
Vice-Chair/Professional Visibility  |  Stephanie Lee
Secretary  | Melissa Politz
Treasurer  |  Jennifer Vasquez
Credentials  |  Angie Elkins
Continuing Education  |  Sarah Johnston
Legislative  |  Michelle Hall
Administrative Assistant  |  Debra Hawkins


Email: Deb Hawkins
PO Box 53661 Lubbock, Texas 79453-3661