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This option is available for any member that has missed paying their fee for the previous year.  To bring your registry status up-to-date, the amount due is $100.00 for Professional renewal or $80.00 for Associate renewal.  You have been a valued Registered Professional Educational Diagnostician (RPED)  and we don’t want you to lose your registry status permanently.  Don’t hesitate to contact Deb Hawkins at [email protected] if you have questions on your registry status. .

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In order to maintain your Registered Professional Educational Diagnostician status, registration must be continuous. A lapse of time in paying the registration fee means that the individual is NOT a Registered Professional Educational Diagnostician during the lapse. It is prohibited to use the Registry number in any way unless Registration is current. Bylaws Section 9, Prohibited Acts, states:
“A person may not hold himself or herself out as a Registered Professional Educational Diagnostician unless the person has a current Certificate issued under these Bylaws.”

PROFESSIONAL = an RPED who is serving as an educational diagnostician which includes testing and report writing.

ASSOCIATE = an RPED who is in a position other than educational diagnostician or has retired.

Please contact Debra Hawkins at if you need further clarification on Professional/Associate status, RPED number or fees owed.

If you would like to download a hard copy of the renewal application for two years renewal please click here.

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$100/Professional, $80/Associate